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Developers Students Club

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Developers Student Club

There is no denying the immense importance of student clubs in any engineering college. They complement the college with their own unique and specific purpose. Hence, we strongly feel the need of one such club in our college. We established a Developer Student Club which basically aims to serve as a platform for our skilled developers to bring forward their skills and ideas and use them for the betterment of our college by developing specific products for the ease of access and simplifying the whole process.

DSC help to channel the interest of the students in all the spheres of life since it goes even beyond their prescribed syllabi. It exposes them to knowledge. It not only helps to identify the students who are talented in developing but also helps to develop a team spirit among them to build a product beneficial for the college.

☺ Vision

  1. To transform the college problems with innovative solutions and services.
  2. To be the best in class provider of integrated web technology services to the college, enabling them to stay ahead of the game in the fast changing IT world.

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